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Is Your Organisation Ready?

Setting-up a (new) business strategy is one thing.  But is the organisation ready and are your collaborators able to support the implementation? And are your related metrics and systems who provide you with the necessary KPIs ready for the new requirements?

HRWaves offers pragmatic advice for a successful guidance of organisational (change) projects.

Double Focus

When an organisation is defining or adapting its business strategy there are two main questions. 

"Will the current organisation and co-workers be able to support this change?"  This means that we will analyse the strategy and audit on the gaps with the organisation.  This can translated in to sub projects releated to Change Management, Talent Management, Organisational Management, Compensation and Benefits and other HR projects.

The second question is about "How related Systems can support the (new) way of working."  Will they be able to support the transition and provide the sufficient level of information to management aiding them to monitor the results of the initiated projeds?  

The answers on the above questions generate a better view on the (new) organisation and enables us to provide a no-nonsense opinion. The goal is always to improve performance with every step we take.



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