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The HRWaves offer

A well chosen range of state-of-the-art products, 
getting far beyond the usual approach based on competence
management only. 

Our products and services are designed to be role-fit and are based on workstyle, attitude and motivation of your people.

    The in-depth Wave Assessment: probably the strongest assessment-tool actually available on the Benelux market. The assessment focuses on waves in careers and the attitude based survey has a proven validity for future successful developmental interventions exceeding 65%.

    A Model of Organisational Excellence: allows organisations to speed up all current talent practices (e.g. recruitment) whilst reducing costs in a more than significant way. Depending on your current situation and type of HR services, savings can be as high as 60 %.

    Waves Projects: we design and implement all type of “soft HR” projects in order to help you to transform your current HR practice towards an attitude based HR practice.  Since we promote a systemic approach, we are able to manage as well the business imperatives (BizzWaves) as the supporting systems (SystemsWaves).

We believe in accelerated Transformation

The issues you are faced with today aren't easy or simple to overcome.  In current business society and economic climate, many different issues and stakeholders need to be addressed in other but yet creative ways.  Hence, making changes complex and tedious.

Working on these challenges together with you, we believe they can be categorised in 3 focus areas:

Talent Management to ensure your organisation utilizes and builds new talent for a sustainable future. 

Organisation Management to optimize the underlying people management processes, such as performance -, succession- and careermanagement, as well as your organisational development.

Transformation Management for leading your company successfully through the next wave of changes.

The above practices combined, lead to path of Organisational Excellence.



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